Family Offices

A traditional Family Office, or Single Family Office, is a business run by or for an individual family, whereby the company is operated by the family’s private wealth. Multiple family offices can be run by banks, law firms or any other independent company offering the same standard family office services, in addition to other products and services, to a number of families, either closed or open.

To preserve families’ wealth over generations, a key service of Family Offices is to structure assets and investments in accordance with a solid succession plan and educational process for the different generations involved. Confidentiality, perfection and loyalty are at the heart of any successful Family Office.

At Octavian Partners, we have first hand insight into the world of Family Offices, both single and multiple, across various locations such as Geneva, Monaco, London, Asia and the Middle East. We understand the challenges, concerns, values and individual culture-fit that marks the hiring process, as well as the critical challenges in setting up or restructuring a self-sufficiant and cost-effective Family Office, one that can last and grow over generations.

With a solid network of Family Office professionals, as well as our expertise and knowledge, we stand by our clients and offer independent advisory services at all stages of set-up, restructuring and executive search

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