About Octavian Partners

Octavian Partners is a specialist Executive Search firm originally established in the Middle East, focused purely on the financial services sector. Octavian blends coverage of frontier, emerging and developed markets across 3 offices in London, Dubai and Hong Kong.  We have built an extensive network spanning 3 continents, both on the client and candidate side. This means a rapid response capability and delivery of results faster than our competitors.

Our business model is compact and simple. Our Origination Team comprises select Principals and Partners who have in-depth regional and industry knowledge, working closely with Octavian’s clients across our offices 24-7. The Origination Team is in turn supported by the Research Unit who, again, have deep sector and geographical insight. Both these divisions of Octavian Partners combine to become an extension of our client’s organisations, acting as a catalyst for their expansion and development.

Typically, Octavian Partners’ clients are Investment Banks, Private Banks, Asset Managers, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Family Offices and SWFs. That each client is unique is integral to Octavian’s bespoke service and philosophy. It is essential to tailor solutions to suit each individual client’s objectives, resources and global presence in a rapidly evolving world. The Octavian team adds value, for value.

We are a boutique business therefore we offer the flexibility, rapid-response and personal service that many cannot. Within the Executive Search industry we believe this is critical for success. Our efficacy is based upon a solid network of clients whom we have worked closely with for many years. Paramount to Octavian is ensuring all working relationships are long lasting, and above all, true partnerships. Our firm is currently present across London, Dubai and Hong Kong.

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